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Winthrop/Monmouth Adult Education

Personal Enrichment

Tech Tips: Is this thing on? Tech Connections


with Linda Easterbrooks

Calendar Next available session starts Nov 10, 2021 at 10 am, runs for 1 week
1 additional session on Nov 10, 2021

How does your computer connect to the internet? Can other people see what is on your computer? Is your phone using Data or Wi-Fi? What is the difference between Data, Wi-Fi,and bluetooth? We'll talk about when to "turn it off and back on", and why that fixes things!

Mini Paintings: Cardinal and Holiday Truck


with Shirley Anderson

Calendar Next available session starts Nov 15, 2021 at 10 am, runs for 1 week

These mini paintings make great gifts for the holidays. Learn to paint mini paintings of a snowy day Cardinal and an old Holiday Truck. An easel is provided with each mini painting to easily display your beautiful artwork anywhere.

Tech Tips: Q & A Session


with Linda Easterbrooks

Calendar Next available session starts Dec 9, 2021 at 10 am, runs for 1 week
1 additional session on Dec 9, 2021

Do you have a tech question that's too embarrassing to ask your grandkids? Email it before the session, and it will become one of the topics of our class, without identifying the source!

Beginner's Guide to Getting Published


with Ed2Go Online Learning

Do you know the five most common reasons why manuscripts are instantly rejected? If your goal is to become a published freelance writer of fiction or nonfiction for books or magazines, this comprehensive course will help you guide your work directly into the hands of an editor and onto the shelves of your favorite stores. Your success in the writing game will be determined by the amount of credibility publishers attach to you and your work. This course will teach you how to give yourself the kind of credibility you need to succeed. This course will provide you with instant access to critical information most other writers don't discover for years and will walk you through every step of the publishing process. If you really want to be a writer, this course will give you all the tools you need to get published. REGISTER HERE:

Beginning Conversational French


with Ed2Go Online Learning

Proper pronunciation is important to good communication. Beginning Conversational French will help you master the best pronunciations. Simply click on each word to hear it spoken. Every word and sentence is also written out phonetically. This course has been carefully crafted to ensure you will have no trouble pronouncing French words correctly. The first three lessons introduce the basics needed for most conversations in French, such as "please" and "thank you." You will also learn numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and telling time. The entire course is structured in this logical, systematic method. After the introduction and basic conversation lessons, you will learn what to say at the airport. From the airport, you need to get to your hotel, so you will learn how to talk about transportation. The following lesson shows you how to talk to hotel employees. After you have settled into your hotel, you will probably be hungry, so the course also covers how to communicate in restaurants. Each lesson also includes cultural tips. Hand and body gestures mean different things in different cultures. For example, do you know the proper way to point to avoid offending people in France? This course will tell you. You will be pleased with your quick progress, and you will be prepared for your next trip! REGISTER HERE:

Discover Digital Photography


with Ed2Go Online Learning

Discover Digital Photography is designed for the novice photographer with no previous experience with digital cameras. This course will teach you all about digital cameras, from DSLRs to smart phone cameras and what different equipment is used for. You will learn about different display methods for your camera, including sizing, print options, online storage, and how social media factors into digital photography. And if you have old slides, negatives, or prints, this course will also teach you how to scan those "old school" photo assets. After completing the course, you will understand how the process of composing photos has changed with the evolving capabilities of digital photography.

Register Here:

Financial Literacy


with Jake Holmes

A good budget and savings commitment are the foundation of your financial success. In this program, learn how to budget and reduce expenses, set savings goals, prevent fiscal fraud, and get a grasp on credit. Presented by Maine Credit Unions. You will be sent a link to the video class, please have a working email. 

Homeschool With Success


with Ed2Go Online Learning

Homeschooling can be a bit of a mystery if you're new to the topic. In this course, you'll start at the beginning, delving into the history of homeschooling and examining its status today in all 50 states. You'll see how to find the laws and regulations that govern your communityand you might be surprised to learn that homeschooling is legal and growing all around you. As you discover what you need to know to homeschool your children, you'll also become familiar with the terminology the homeschool community uses. You'll see how homeschooling gives you the opportunity to socialize your children as well as build longlasting and productive relationships with peers and adults. You'll also find out how homeschooling gives you unique opportunities to teach valuable life skills. From manners to money management, you can be sure your children master subjects that don't make it into most textbooks. You'll also learn about fulltime homeschooling for travelers and how it can fit into their adventurous lives. When you finish this course, you'll have lots of information and guidance to plot your homeschooling course for years to come! REGISTER HERE:

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